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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
I am homeless. Completely and utterly bloggy homeless. Ok, not so much because I can post here, but still. My precious gem of a website is alas stuck in hosting hell.

The Total Choice monkeys pissed me off so bad I made the husband find me a new hosting company and make the switch. Of course he is just the money guy and the rest is up to me. Fine. I've set up websites before. This shouldn't be a problem. Riiiiight. The stipulation on finding a new host is they couldn't use cPanel as their navigation tool. For those of you that don't know anything about websites this will mean nothing. The reason I didn't want cPanel was that is how the hacker gained access, or so I am assuming. So he finds me a new host, no cPanel, and I start to make the switch. This means switching the Wordpress files, reestablishing my email account, configuring Outlook to read the email and such. All a bunch of busy work. None of which is working.

So don't panic. Life of Elle is not dead and gone for the minute. I have a handy backup sitting on my desktop that should restore the archives and your wonderful comments. If not, I might die a little.

Until I can get everything resolved this little vacation bungalow will have to do the trick. Keep emailing for the password (elle at lifeofelle dot com). I still commit to that. I will return with regularly scheduled bitching and mommy stories sometime soon.
Anonymous The Other Elle said...
Keep your chin up! We'll still be here, waiting for you, whenever you get it straightened out.

Blogger Carla said...
We'll be waiting.

So, how do you tell if your host uses c-panel?

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