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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Adoption: a retrospective
So this is supposed to be an adoption blog. Unfortunately, maintaing two blogs eats at my 1 hour of free time each day. Thus the lack of posts here. And no. you don't get photos today. Sorry. Check back later this week for some Halloween photos.

Over the past 2 years I have learned a ton about myself, my husband and my marriage. I have learned the art of patience. I have learned to lean on my spouse and my friends when I need help. And I have nearly learned to ask for help. Still not quite there yet.

But I learned the most about adoption. The process, the heartache, the joy and the friendships you can make by joining this wonderful community.

Would we do it again?
I still can't answer that one yet. Some days it is yes. Some days it is yes, but not from Russia. Some days it is no way in hell.

What I would like to do here is to give families starting the process or new to the process the completed family point of view. How we went about doing things and what we would do differently. I want to start from the begining. Look for an upcoming post about making the decision to adopt.
Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Our weekends
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was going through some withdrawls. I accidently left my camera at CS's parents house. AHHHH!!! Me without my camera is just... well like running out of 3 buck chuck.

So to make up for it here are a bunch of photos for you.At the Apple Festival in Portland

Look Ma! I fit in the puppet theater!

So does Steve!

Pumpkin Patch

Oh... look at the beep-beep
Sunday, October 22, 2006
We interrupt this blog for some wonderful, exciting, super, fantastic news
You have heard me post repeatedly about Candy and Doug. They are the couple we traveled with on our trip to meet Little A. They are a fantastic couple whom we got to know quite well. Candy was right there with us during the long wait. She and I commiserated on the phone and I am proud to call her my friend.

Candy & Doug's adoption process took worlds crappiest turn this summer, but that is her story to tell. Let me just say it would break your heart. Anyway... despite the crappiness there is a beautiful silver lining to their story. The received referrals to 2 precious gifts from God in July. They have been waiting for their court date since then. Tonight they received the news our agency family has been waiting months for.


Please go over and give her a huge congratulations!!!!
Wednesday, October 18, 2006
I fell off the edge of the earth.
I bet that is what you guys are thinking at about this moment. Seeing as it has been... I can't figure out how long since I lost posted. And no... I don't have new photos to show you. Well I do, but I am too lazy and tired to post them.

Life in our house has been interesting. We have a growing boy who would like nothing more than to eat bananas all day. He would be happy if his diet consisted of yogurt and bananas with an occasional cookie thrown in.

Pickle and I did have a date on Monday morning though. I was supposed to meet a congregation member at one of our local coffee establishments, but much like her usual self she didn't show up. So I ordered my coffee, Pickle an OJ and we decided to split a cookie. There I go again with the cookies. But this wasn't just any ordinary cookie. This was an Pink Cookie! THE pink cookie.

Now there is a story behind the pink cookies. If that link takes you to the Mostly Muffins home page click on the link that says "Original Pink." It will take you to the story behind the Pink Cookie. Take special note in the story about the fact that the bakery was sold in 1996. CS and I got married in 1996. In 95-96 we lived in the City of Subdued Excitement (where Suzanne lives.) There I had a college roommate from Poland. She was dating a guy we refer to as Drug. Drug worked at Mostly Muffins. The thing Drug liked about working there is their government allotted smoke break was a little more "fun." Hence the name Drug. Hmmmm... a pot head working at a bakery. No wonder those cookies are so damn good! Anyway, College roommate moves out, but comes back to visit another term. We ask about Drug and she says he quit because there is a new owner at the bakery and the new owner won't let them smoke during their breaks.

Now there is no correlation between me eating the cookie and the pot. I want to make that crystal clear. I just hadn't had a pink cookie in forever and seeing one made me think of this story.

I promise next time there will be photos.
Thursday, October 12, 2006
Just because my kid is so friggin cute!
You will notice that photos of Pickle show up here, but not over at Life of Elle. It is a pain in the butt to post photos over there. I have to resize them and that just requires more work than I am willing to put forth. Man I have better things to do like play puzzle*.

The trick becomes what to do during our weekly agency chat. Call me a fool, but I went through hell with these people and they are like family. I still want to participate. Pickle is pretty well entertained in my office, but he always wants to sit on my lap. All well and good, but not so much when you want to type. So CS was here with me and busted out the camera. Mainly because, well... my kid is so friggin cute. So I give you 30 minutes** (less for you, but it was for us) of Pickle entertainment.

Ol' School Fireman

The sign says it all

Pickle from CS's point of view

I don't know about you, but that is one blog worthy photo!

You wonder why I love these two so much? They are GORGEOUS!!!

* send more puzzles. the 5 we have are getting boring.

** these were not 30 tantrum free minutes I might add.
Monday, October 09, 2006
More proof my son is a genius!
See what happens when I stop posting so much... you all stop commenting. I appreciate the over abundance I get at Life of Elle so keep them coming.

Every parent thinks their child is the most intelligent child they have ever seen. Every new word propells them closer and closer to college level reading at age 5. One thing CS and I thought is that if we ever had a biological child the world better watch out! We both have way above average IQs, I am highly creative and CS is highly analytical. Of course we all know that not everthing is in the genes. I am so much like my mother it is scary and I don't share a single nano-whatever of DNA with her. Imagine our suprise when we discover that we are not unlike other parents in thinking that our son was also a boy genius. I give you a photo montage of proof that my son is in fact a genius.

My son learning the intricacies of a Native Russian Longboat.

Macaroni art. Enough said.

Learning about the various tropical plants found within a local conservatory.

Reading the Wall Street Journal. Yes... the Wall Street Journal.

And further proof that our son is in fact a genius... I found him reading in the chair this afternoon. And if you must know that is Wine Spectator. Good Boy!!!
Friday, October 06, 2006
Search Hits
I haven't done this yet, and I might be asking for another egging for posting something other than a Pickle story. If you want Pickle stories I am telling you people go on over to Life of Elle and read them there. Today's gripping epic is one of sleep deprivation and seemingly sane women losing it over a nap.

So I have been collecting a list of my search engine hits brought to me through my secret squirrel stat counter. And nooooo... I am not going to tell you how I got the secret squirrel. Some of you have them and if you don't you need to do what I did and scour the internet for it.

These searches have been for Unexpected Miracles and Life of Elle. I am just too lazy and tired to write two posts.

Itch on face and everywhere: I am truly sorry that you are having the same itchy everywhere issues that I deal with every day. I have solved my itchy skin issue by using vegetable based soap that can be purchased through Oregon Rain Soap. Yes... you too can smell like a hippy.
Captain Underpants: No I am telling you it is Captain Smartypants now with his trusty sidekick Lieutenant Piss and Moan

Libman newest mops: If you don't currently own a Libman Wonder Mop get off your butt and go purchase one. It is the best mop you will ever own!

skin care + lotion face + fedex international + shop: Wow that's specific. See the answer to the skin issue above. Damn soap manufacturers using animal by-products... it's making the whole world itchy!

Kathou & Paypay: I really hope this was Kathou's mom. It really creeped the both of us out to know someone was searching for that exact combination of names.

"me with *glasses: it just isn't a pretty site people. Although I do sport a fancy pair of Burberrys now

rednecks: really?

and my all time favorite...
Pee on time: I feel for you person with this issue. I highly recommend seeking professional help. (I have no link for that one)

I will also say that I am the #1 google hit for Unexpected Miracles and Life of Elle!!! I made the big time baby!
Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Mom is great...
She lets me make chocolate cake.

First of all thanks to Jen for her super fantastic awesome cool hockey gear for Pickle. We all know how much I love hockey and by god my boy is gonna catch the fever. None of that sissy soccer crap for us.

Since today is the start of the hockey season I thought I would share a few photos for you. Yes, I am keenly aware that I am talking about chocolate cake and hockey here and at Life of Elle, but hey... I love these 2 things so deal with it. Otherwise you get me going on and on about the fact that Lost starts tonight and I have gone all summer without my Lost fix. And trust me Lost in Russian (yes I watched it in Russian) is just not the same.

Isn't this kid going to make a rockin' goalie??? and yes I am aware that my child has perpetual bed head. (please note the sleeping cat saying thank god that child is leaving me alone for 2 seconds)

One more, just because I thing this photo is too cute.

See mom is great!!! She lets ME make the cake. (I would like to say that my child is a genius and drew that picture on the fridge, but alas it was done my my niece B)

And damn does it taste good.
Monday, October 02, 2006
Steve the Cat
One thing that a new child collects are stuffed animals. Have you noticed this? Everyone and their dog sends you a stuffed animal, you buy them, people meet you at the airport with them. I treasure every last one my son has. Every one has some little story behind it. Pickle has Hockey Bear, Curious George, a G-Raff beannie baby from his Auntie G, even a Sleepless in Seattle bear from his Babada that was his first gift upon arriving in America. We took the first item we ever bought for our soon-to-be-child with us to Russia. And yes... it was a stuffed animal. Did he play with it? No.

Pickle doesn't want any of the tons of stuffed animals that he owns. Instead my boy finds Steve. Steve the Cat is a stuffed cat I made out of upholstery fabric samples. He is this funky plaid silky fabric with a corduroy stomach. It is just about the scariest thing you have ever seen. Pickle loves it. He carries Steve around, gives him hugs and kisses, he even waves Steve's arm and says bye-bye. It is just about the funniest thing you have ever seen. I have video of Pickle dancing in the living room with Steve. Forget the Lovey man... my boy has scary Steve the Cat.

In other Pickle news he is learning English by leaps and bounds. His new words are apple, bye-bye, all better, and yes... hockey. He is learning on average 2 new words a day. This morning we were all laying in the bed and Pickle rolls over and points to CS and says "daddy." CS loved that. But for the most part Pickle refers to his father as Mama. We're getting there.
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