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Friday, February 23, 2007
I am Jack's raging bile duct
See how I'm still posting here? Why is that Elle? I'll tell you why. Because Monday some jagoff hacked my website. Then I contacted the hosting company and they gave me some lame ass excuse 12 hours later that it was somehow my fault. So I tried to switch hosting companies. Then the new company was slow in responding to my tech questions too. So I got pissed at them and tried to switch back to the first host company and that didn't work. So I got even more pissed and tried to go back to the second company while investigating a 3rd company. The second company was moderately helpful so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Then they turned me into this raving lunatic who yells at her husband and child for no apparent reason. You know why? Because I submitted an email question to them and their website clearly says that they have a 30 minute email response guarantee. Now this company must be using a geologic clock or something because their 30 minutes turned into 12 hours. The answer I got didn't even help me. So I submit another email. 8 hours later no response. I try another. 3 hours later no response. Another. 1 hour later no response. I try live chat for the bazillionth time. Guy-whose-first-language-is-not-English tells me he will resubmit my help ticket. Not good enough. He tries to "help" me. I then sit on hold for 40 minutes with no response. 6 hours later I get an email (which is almost 24 hours from the time I submitted the response) that helps me with my email. Not what I wanted.

So a week after the jagoff hacker stole my site I still don't have a site. I have an old hosting company that pissed me off, a new hosting company that pissed me off more, email that finally works and a significantly less amount of hair than I started the week with.

These people obviously don't realize that my website is my way of getting stuff out. I have all of these pent up posts in my head and sure I could write them down in some other program and save them, but where's the fun in that? Don't these people realize that I need validation from the outside world to tell me it is ok to let my child roll around in a pile of Cheerios on the floor and then let him eat them even though I haven't vacuumed this week? Don't they know I have hair issues to be solved and new "mommy" magazines to make fun of. The humanity of it all!

Sure I could spend my time working on graphics for someone's design, but all I can think about is my site and that it is this useless void out there in internetland. I really need to get a life. Someone come and feed me to the wolves just to put me out of my misery.
Blogger Rhonda said...
This is terrible. There is so much good stuff on Life of Elle. If we could just get our hands on that hacker...

Blogger Rachael said...
Hang in there; hopefully (soon) you will be able to look back on this week and turn your frustration into creative energy and you can use this experience to generate more witty/insightful blog material. We miss your blog too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Now you're scaring me! Where on earth did you learn such dramatics?!?!

Blogger kate said...
OT--Christen's blog looks fab!

Blogger Christen & Frank said...
I miss your blog, too.

BTW, thanks for my blog - see Kate likes it, too. :) Lots of rave reviews!

Blogger Christina said...
It really isn't the same to write something and save it in Word for later. Half the time I decide it wasn't that great after all and delete it. But don't do that, because I really want to read your posts! Darn hacker!

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